Pet Bereavement Information

Here are some very useful tips to help you cope with your pet loss:

Cat Wake

A lot of people find having a ‘cat wake’ help with the grieve. It acknowledges the passing of our friend with like minded people.
A cat wake could simply be a tea and cake afternoon with a few cat lovers in your social¬†circle. Some people prepare a photo presentation for the visitors. It gives great comfort to be in a safe environment where everyone in the room understands…

Photo Album

Some people find comfort in preparing a photo album as keepsake or a framed collage on the wall.

Take time off

If at all possible, try to take some days off from work. Pet bereavement IS bereavement. You should take its effect to your mental health seriously

Be choosy when it comes to talk to people

Be careful who you confide. Your friend who never understood your love for your pet is very unlikely to give you the support you are looking for.

Donate in the memory of your cat

Some people find comfort in donating to cat charity in the memory of their cat.


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