Welcome to The Warmest Spot Virtual Cat Memorial.

The Warmest Spot is a cat exclusive online memorial. It is a place for cats who went to the rainbow bridge or cats who’ve gone missing. This is a place for their humans to have ‘closure’. It is free and everyone is welcome to apply for a page.

Visitors are welcome. However, we do request visitors to respect the cats of the memorial page. It’s only common sense. You are most welcome to browse around and leave comments for the cat’s parents. They will surely find comfort in lovely and supportive messages. All messages will be moderated to ensure only genuine comments are put through to the parents. Nasty comments WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and you will be blocked.

Please enjoy your visit here at The Warmest Spot. I hope you will find some peace and inspiration, by witnessing the unconditional love between these cats and their humans, for which even death couldn’t do them part.